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Different Employment Profiles And Tests: Do They Work?

Over the better part of the last two decades, employers have been using various types of work profile assessments to get employees who can work together. One of the very first tests is still used today; the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Others have followed, but the question remains, "Do these assessments work?" Here is more information on other assessments and profiling tests and their value to your workplace. 

DiSC Workplace Profile

D stands for "dominance," I for "influence," S for "steadiness," and C for "conscientiousness." These are all traits desired by companies who are looking to hire new leadership. If you apply to be a manager or want to be in a supervisory role, you may have to take this assessment. Everyone who takes it may have one or more areas that score higher than others, but hopefully, the things you score low on are lesser desirable traits within the quadrant.

The DiSC workplace profile can help determine if you are a good fit for the people that will work for you. Conflict often arises if you have an employee who is stronger in your weakest area and attempts to undermine you often. The point of this test is to see if you can handle such a situation with grace under fire. If you can, you may be the next supervisor or executive. If not, you are just another candidate on the pile.

Honesty and Dishonesty Tests

These assessments are often quite obvious. They have questions that ask if you if you have ever stolen something, if you would ever take stuff home from the office, etc. Even if you are tempted to lie on some of these questions, do not.

Your entire assessment cannot reflect a one-hundred percent honest profile because then the employer knows you lied. Answer all of the questions truthfully, even if you have done something wrong in the past. This gives the employer a clearer picture of your willingness to be responsible and truthful if the situation ever calls for it.

Psychological Evaluation or Emotional I.Q. Tests

Employers are now using these tests as well. The idea is to spot people who might crack under pressure and do something really awful. They also look for how well you might respond to others' emotional needs within the social constraints of the job. Since these tests were developed by psychiatrists and psychologists, they are quite accurate. Hence, they are quite valuable, too.