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Tips For Encouraging Healthy Body Image During Eating Disorder Treatment

If you have a child that is going through eating disorder treatment, he or she is not particularly happy with his or her body. He or she might have lost a great deal of weight and has gained it back during treatment in order to be within a healthy weight range. He or she might have body dysmorphia and see his or her body as larger or worse than it actually is as a result. This can be heartbreaking for you, as a parent, because you don't want to see your child struggling.

Treatment is going to be difficult and having a terrible body image can make it harder. Here are some tips for encouraging a healthy body image throughout eating disorder treatment. 

1. Buy Your Child Clothes That Fit

The first thing that you need to do is open up your child's clothing budget. He or she is might be going through some major bodily changes and his or her current clothes might not end up fitting at the end of it. He or she also might have been hiding his or her body under very loose clothing. Whatever the case, allow your child to pick out clothes that are going to work best for him or her. If you can afford it, try not to limit your child or make remarks about how you are going to have to spend a lot of money on clothes for your child. This will make your child self conscious and less likely to buy clothes that will help him or her be more comfortable in his or her body.

2. Cover the Mirrors

If your child is willing to avoid looking in the mirror, cover all of the mirrors in the house as a show of solidarity. One way that your child can gain some peace about his or her body is to not think about it all the time. Every time your child sees his or her body in a reflective surface, he or she will be more likely to scrutinize his or her body and find flaws. By covering the mirrors in the house, you can help your child avoid thinking about it.

3. Be Confident Yourself

Finally, don't say anything but positive things about your body and the bodies of those around you. This will allow your child to see that you do not judge the bodies of those around you and you value your body more for what it does, rather than what it looks like.

For more information, talk to a center for eating disorder treatments.