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4 Things To Do When You're Laid Off Unexpectedly

Losing your job is always challenging, but it can be especially scary when it happens without much notice. After all, you may not have had a chance to build up your savings or apply for other jobs. Luckily, there are specific things you can do to take control of the situation and make the most of it. Here are four things to do when you're laid off unexpectedly:

Contact an Employment Agency

Employment agencies match great job candidates with companies that are currently hiring. Going through an employment agency can be much more efficient than only applying for jobs on your own since the company already has an established relationship with many companies. Plus, employment agencies typically offer many other helpful services, including assessment testing and interview coaching. While you're being matched for the perfect long-term job, they may be able to hook you up with a temp job to help cover the gap.

Get a New Resume and Cover Letter

You will definitely need a new resume as well as a cover letter that can be customized for each job you apply for. If you have the budget for it, paying a professional resume company is a great option because it helps ensure that your new resume is polished, concise, and geared toward catching the eye of a hiring manager.

If you write your resume yourself, you may want to have a trusted friend with a good eye for detail look it over and offer suggestions. Be sure to find ways to incorporate some keywords from any jobs you're especially interested in, since some companies now use keyword-scanning software to screen resumes.

Apply for Unemployment Benefits

If you think you may be eligible for unemployment benefits, it's definitely worth contacting your city or state unemployment office for an application. This is a benefit that's meant to help cover the gap financially when you lose a job and haven't yet found a new one. The paperwork and approval process can take weeks or even longer, so it's best to apply right away if this is a service you're interested in.

Join Networking Groups

The more people you meet in your industry, the more chances you will have to hear about a killer new job you may not have heard of otherwise. You may not be feeling very sociable right after being laid off, but getting out there and networking can help invigorate you and get you excited about the possibilities now open to you. Look for networking groups for your industry in your city, or search for general networking groups online.

By tackling these things right away when you lose your job, you'll regain control over your employment situation and avoid being unemployed longer than necessary.