Choosing To Improve My Life

Finding Personal Happiness In The New Year: Tips For You

When you are looking to find personal happiness in the new year, you may wonder where you should start the process of making yourself as happy as possible. There are many strategies that you can try to make yourself happier if that is your New Year’s goal and resolution. The key is to find ways to it that work for your personal preferences and needs. Get to know some of the different life improvement options that you can try so that you can begin your journey towards happiness as soon as possible.


Yoga is a great option if you are looking to find happiness in the New Year. This is an option that helps you to forge a connection between your mind and body and get exercise at the same time.

For many people, the simple act of getting more exercise can be enough to increase endorphins and make them happier in general. However, with yoga, the focus is on improving your body and mind from where you are rather than trying to push yourself to obtain an ideal based on someone else’s achievement.

Yoga is a form of stretching, strength poses and flowing movements combined with meditative thought and controlled breathing that focuses on the mind’s connection to the body. This can increase happiness because you will become more aware of yourself, better able to understand the way that your body responds to your mind and be able to take more control of that.

Consult a Psychic Adviser or Other Spiritual Advisor

If you are more interested in spiritual guidance and advice, you may want to consult a psychic advisor or other spiritual advisor or guru. While many people think that psychic advisors are something that is laughable, there are many that are legitimately helpful in matters of the heart and spirit.

Psychic advisors are highly intuitive and can be a great resource for spiritual comfort and respite. They can provide you with advice for major life decisions and help you to realize what you are wanting as opposed to what you may feel obligated or required to do. Psychics often use concepts of astrology, moon cycles, the zodiac, and a wide variety of other spiritual concepts from ancient and modern times as the basis for their predictions and advice.

Other types of spiritual advisers and gurus can be helpful if you are unsure of psychics or want something in addition to your psychic advisor. A yoga guru, for example, provides spiritual guidance based on the principles of yoga. Other religions and spiritual practices also offer similar adviser services. You could consult with your priest, a nun, or a monk if you are Catholic. You could also find a Buddhist monk or sensei if you are a practitioner of Eastern religions and practices (i.e. Buddhism or martial arts).

With these tips in mind, you can be sure that you are working toward your own personal happiness in the new year.

For more information, see companies like  Sunny’s Psychic Readings

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Crochet To Make A Difference

If you are short on financial resources, but want to make an impact in the life of a homeless person, consider creating sleeping mats that are woven from plastic bags. All you need is a few supplies and basic crochet skills. These mats are inexpensive to make and lightweight, making them ideal for homeless individuals to transport during the day.

Why Plastic Bags?

Using plastic bags to make the mats recycles old grocery bags into a helpful creation. You can use the grocery bags you have in your cupboard, or you can obtain bags from recycle bins specifically for plastic bags. These bins are often found outside of retailers who use plastic bags.

The plastic is effective at providing cushioning from an otherwise hard, uncomfortable ground. It also provides a barrier against bugs. Users remain dry and cozy if the ground is damp. The mat also keeps their blankets and other sleeping materials dry thanks to the layer that the mat creates between the ground and sleeping individual.

Even if the mat gets soaked, the plastic quickly dries so that the user has a dry place to sleep before nightfall.

What Do You Need to Make a Mat?

In order to make a mat that measures approximately 6 feet in length and 4 feet in width, you need 500 to 700 plastic grocery bags. Other than the bags, you need a size 10 or larger crochet hook and scissors to cut the bags.

A large crochet hook is preferred because it results in a loose weave that makes the mat have more cushion.

How Do You Make a Mat?

The first step is to turn the plastic bags into plarn (plastic yarn). To do so, fold a flattened plastic bag in half. Fold it a couple more times before cutting the top and bottom of the bag off. Use the scissors to cut the bag into evenly sized portions. 

Unfold your pieces and loop them together. The technique is similar to the one you use to loop rubber bands together. 

Repeat this process with several plastic bags until you have a chain of plarn. The chain should be about three feet in length.

You will now crochet the plarn to make the mat. The process is exactly the same as the one you use to crochet yarn. 

Some makers like to use different colored bags to create a design in the mat. You can also use plarn to attach carrying handles to the mat. If you know how to crochet or are willing to learn, you can change the lives of homeless individuals by providing them with a nicer place to sleep.

Go to websites for homeless shelters to get more information about how you can help. 

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3 Ways A Life Coach Can Help You Change Your Future For The Better

If you are a young adult and have ended up in a place in life that you are not happy with, you are the only person with the power to change your future. The problem that you may have in this situation is knowing where to begin. If you feel hopeless and have no idea where to start, it might be worthwhile to spend some money on life coach services. Here are three ways this service could help you change your path so that you can have a great future.

Develop A Better Attitude About Yourself

The first step a life coach may help you with involves the way you view yourself. If you struggle with a low self-esteem, this may play a critical role in your success, motivation, and drive. If you do not work on changing the way you view yourself, it will be hard to make true life changes that will make your life better. This is why your life coach may begin by learning more about you, how you look at yourself, and the reasons you feel the way you do.

From there, the first goal might be to help you find ways to improve your self-esteem. The life coach may suggest doing a variety of different things to help change your views, and here are some of the things the coach may suggest:

  • Exercising and losing weight
  • Developing some quality friendships or relationships in your life
  • Reading books
  • Getting out of debt

Create Goals

For many people, changing the way they feel about themselves is easier to do as they make positive changes in their life. Developing a better attitude is a great place to start, but the second step your life coach will help you with is creating goals.

Goals are extremely important in life, primarily because they will guide your steps. Without them, how do you know which direction to go? Therefore, your life coach will help you create obtainable goals. Some of these may be small, short-term goals, while others may be long-term goals. For example, a short-term goal might be to find a job if you currently do not have one. A long-term goal might be to finish college to earn a degree.

Develop Actionable Steps To Achieve The Goals

The third key objective will be to create actionable steps that will help you achieve the goals you created. Without actionable steps, it will be hard to know how to reach your goals. With the right steps, though, you will know exactly what you need to do and the amount of time it should take to do it, and your life coach can help you with this too.

If you want to change your life for the better and do not know where to begin, hiring a certified life coach would be one of the best things you could do. For more information, contact Fagan & Associates or a similar firm.

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Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer May Derail A Successful Alcohol Rehab

Your spouse has just returned from alcohol rehab and is excited to start a new life away from the damage of their past addiction. However, there may be a danger lurking in your home that could cause a relapse: alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Here’s what you need to know about this strange new problem.

Drinking Hand Sanitizer Is A Real Problem

Alcohol-based hand santizers have become a popular way for underage children to access alcohol. While most of these sanitizers taste quite bad, determined teens (and even an innocent 6-year-old who thought her sanitizer tasted like strawberry) have been ingesting hand sanitizer and getting incredibly drunk off of it.

In fact, the alcohol content of many hand sanitizers is as high as 60 to 65 percent, which is equivalent or even higher than many alcoholic drinks. For a person who just got out of rehab, the smell of the alcohol in hand sanitizer could serve as a relapse trigger. And if they are suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms, they may be compelled to drink some.

Why It’s Dangerous For People In Recovery

Beyond the dangers of your loved one suffering from relapse is the risk of poisoning that comes from ingesting hand sanitizer. The high concentration of alcohol previously mentioned makes it surprisingly potent.

If your loved one is desperate for a drink and tries ingesting some hand sanitizer, they may do nothing more than cause alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning can cause a wide range of problems, including:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Low body temperature
  • Breathing problems
  • Heart issues
  • Seizures
  • Death

Keeping Hand Sanitizers Out Of Your Home

Before your loved one arrives home from rehab, go around the house and collect all your alcohol-based hand sanitizers. You can either throw them away, give them to a friend, or donate them to a charitable cause. When washing your hands, use hot water and soap, rather than hand sanitizer throughout the day.

If you still want to use hand sanitizer in your home, there are foam-based alcohol-free variants that are effective at eliminating germs on hands and other parts of the body. Removing alcohol-based sanitizers will help your loved one more effectively fight the urge to fall back into a problematic drinking pattern.

Consistency and love are your major tools for helping a loved one fight their alcohol addiction. Removing alcohol-based hand sanitizers is a great first step in ensuring that their rehab remains successful for life. Learn more about the dangers of alcohol relapse by checking out this blog.   

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4 Things To Do When You’re Laid Off Unexpectedly

Losing your job is always challenging, but it can be especially scary when it happens without much notice. After all, you may not have had a chance to build up your savings or apply for other jobs. Luckily, there are specific things you can do to take control of the situation and make the most of it. Here are four things to do when you’re laid off unexpectedly:

Contact an Employment Agency

Employment agencies match great job candidates with companies that are currently hiring. Going through an employment agency can be much more efficient than only applying for jobs on your own since the company already has an established relationship with many companies. Plus, employment agencies typically offer many other helpful services, including assessment testing and interview coaching. While you’re being matched for the perfect long-term job, they may be able to hook you up with a temp job to help cover the gap.

Get a New Resume and Cover Letter

You will definitely need a new resume as well as a cover letter that can be customized for each job you apply for. If you have the budget for it, paying a professional resume company is a great option because it helps ensure that your new resume is polished, concise, and geared toward catching the eye of a hiring manager.

If you write your resume yourself, you may want to have a trusted friend with a good eye for detail look it over and offer suggestions. Be sure to find ways to incorporate some keywords from any jobs you’re especially interested in, since some companies now use keyword-scanning software to screen resumes.

Apply for Unemployment Benefits

If you think you may be eligible for unemployment benefits, it’s definitely worth contacting your city or state unemployment office for an application. This is a benefit that’s meant to help cover the gap financially when you lose a job and haven’t yet found a new one. The paperwork and approval process can take weeks or even longer, so it’s best to apply right away if this is a service you’re interested in.

Join Networking Groups

The more people you meet in your industry, the more chances you will have to hear about a killer new job you may not have heard of otherwise. You may not be feeling very sociable right after being laid off, but getting out there and networking can help invigorate you and get you excited about the possibilities now open to you. Look for networking groups for your industry in your city, or search for general networking groups online.

By tackling these things right away when you lose your job, you’ll regain control over your employment situation and avoid being unemployed longer than necessary.

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